Advertising by fax is one of the most effective methods to promote your product or service. MassFax is the easiest program to achieve this purpose. You need only a computer with modem connected. After installed the program and send your advertisement into the program. It will fax to public automatically since it contains the latest fax numbers in Hong Kong.

DOS Version
It can run in 386, 486, … PC.
Hardware Requirement
386 or above with external modem connected in Com1 or Com2. DOS or Windows Operating System.
Installation Procedure
From CD
Run INSTALL.bat in CD ROM drive.
From Floppy Disk
Insert Disk 1 to A:
Run A:install.bat
Continue to insert Disk 2 as prompt and run A:install.bat.
Download from
Download from
Unzip to c:\bf4
Copy MassFax icon to desktop as shortcut if running in Windows mode.
After installation
Run shortcut in Windows desktop or c:\bf4\mf.bat
Press 4 to Configuration Menu. Setup modem com port
Prepare advertising document (please refer to manual).
Press 1 to start MassFax and get the password.
Install BITWARE fax driver
If your PC is running under Windows, you can install BITWARE from CD. So that document under Windows (e.g. Words, Excel, Corel Draw, ...) can be transferred to MASSFAX program (see menu for details).
Download Manual (MS Words document)

Windows Version
Customer name will be shown in the fax heading.
Internal modem can be used.
Software Requirement
PC running in Windows with BitWare installed.
Installation Procedure
From CD
Run SETUP in CD to install MASSFAX.
Run \Bitware\Disk1\setup.exe in CD to install BitWare.
Run MFWin in program list.
Download from
Unzip and run setup.exe
Download Manual

Payment Method
MASSFAX is password protected. Before password, all functions are available but cannot fax continuously. You can deposit amount to the following bank

A/C NUMBER 064-793-0-002356-8

Then, fax back the bank receipt to 24724661 with password source code and contact telephone number written down. We will inform you the password.

Price will be reduced monthly, since some of the company may close and the fax successful rate will be decreased. If you feel the price is expensive, you may call us later to check the new reduced price. Of course, make advertising earlier will have more business opportunity. Make your own decision!

Download Massfax Program
MassFax Windows Version
MassFax DOS Version (2.6MB)
MassFax DOS Version (486 PC DISK 1)
MassFax DOS Version (486 PC DISK 2)